Privacy Policy

HoPaLi does not sell, share or trade user e-mail addresses or any other user account information.

HoPaLi account information is submitted and communicated through a secure and encrypted SSL internet connection. SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) refers to the https:// protocol used to manage the security of messages transmitted over the internet.

The HoPaLi account system uses "Sessions", also known as "Cookies", to keep track of signed in users within the secure HoPaLi website and domain. All session data is transferred over HoPaLi's secure, encrypted connection.

The only personal information HoPaLi collects from its users is their e-mail address, which is used as their unique username. HoPaLi is not interested in gathering personal or private information from its users.

HoPaLi does not track the sites that users link to and visit, nor does HoPaLi track and follow the users themselves.